Friday, April 2, 2010

How Did it Get to be Easter Weekend???

It isn't Easter! It can't be. I'm still at Spring Break, sorry. I've been busy moving. NO, I'm not moving, Mom dropped a bombshell on me Spring Break. She was ready for assisted living. Whoo hoo! Just so happened, numero uno son, Chris' apartment lease was coming up April 1. Mom decided she didn't want to sell her home, she asked Chris to rent her house.

This brings me to my current situation, MOVING! Since Spring Break I have been helping to move either Chris or my Mom! Don't let anyone ever tell you that moving isn't WORK!

We loaded up the big stuff in Chris' apartment and moved to Mom's garage. We told Mom no rush, it can stay here until you find where you fit in.

Talus, Chris' cat rebelled! No sofa, no dresser equals no hiding spots! Talus' solution? The top of the kitchen cabinets! Amelia had to climb up and get her down!

Chris' apartment getting empty.

The kitchenette of Mom's new apartment! Mom has found a place that will take pets! Mom and Elke have moved in, sort of!! I spent last weekend packing and running small stuff. The movers/packers arrived Monday. I was at work! All this week has been spent trying to get more stuff to Mom's new apartment. Fortunately, a lot of stuff can be stored at the house. Chris doesn't require a lot of space!

Anyway, I'm exhausted. It still can't be Easter. The Easter Bunny is NOT ready!!

Also, I apologize to my 4 children NOW for getting old and having to deal with me and move me some day :)

Happy Easter


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