Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary S. Gail and Gary

I think I've mentioned I'm the baby of the family! My brother and sister are older than me. Here I am 49 and still the baby! However, this post isn't about me!

This is about my sis! Without Gail I never would have made it through Jr. High and High school math. I now know I have dyslexia. Gail is in Mensa, the high IQ society. Back in 1977, I believe, we went to HalloweeM, the local Chicago gathering of Mensans at Halloween.

That is where she met Gary. They corresponded for 5 months, and I think saw each other a couple of times. We lived in the suburbs of Chicago, and Gary lived WAY down S in a small town Champagne, IL.

However, as it happened, Gail and Gary got married on April 1st! Now my dates might be off, so I'm not saying how many years.

I just think it is cute that you can meet on Halloween and get married on April Fools!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY G2 Teamworks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you guys!


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