Monday, December 21, 2009

Cookie Party!

Well, what do you know, a party that wasn't at my house! My friend, Donna, has an annual cookie decorating party. Little did I know! She pre-makes the dough and some icing and invites all the kids from church and that she baby sits for over to roll out, bake, and decorate sugar cookies. Mercy me, we had flour, cookies, and icing everywhere. Not to mention the pizza that we ordered in for lunch! Everyone had a great time. Thanks Donna, I wouldn't have the patience for this one! Great experience for the kids!

Elf AJ rolls out his dough and figures out how to maximize the number of cookies he can cut!

Elf Amelia rolls out her dough!

Pizza break!

How many can we fit around the table to ice and sugar cookies??

Happy Holidays!


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