Friday, December 4, 2009

Its MY Birthday!!

I was going to do 49 things about me, but I'm to tired to think!! So far this birthday is looking really good!

My new Macbook Pro!!!

My 2 awesome sons, Chris and Tyler gave me/us (b-day/Christmas) a 32 in flat screen TV! That's right, we still didn't have one! They told us about it early, just in case I got a wild 'hair' to shop the T-giving sales!

Tyler drove in from OKC Thurs. The TV was presented to us, and Kev and I went to Wally world and bought the stand. We spent 5 hours Thurs. night revamping the den and sun room. The kids now have a bigger TV for the Wii as they got the old 27"!!!

We are enjoying being in the 21st century!

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Stefunkc said...

Now get a DVR instead of TIVO! :c)

And happy birthday!