Friday, December 18, 2009

Day Off????

So, what happens when you are called and told you don't have to work 10a-2p?? Oh, should I mention it is 7 days before Christmas??

Well, since I have begun abhorring shopping I went and finished my Christmas shopping, picked up a few essentials for baking goodies, went to a friends house and made homemade hot cocoa mix, got kids from school early, took them to lunch AND then came home and started cooking!

I conned my oldest son into taking my Mom to the grocery store (again) so I could stay home and cook.

Maybe I'll get some rest this weekend! Also conned my neighbor girl into wrapping gifts so I can mail them to OKC!!! Hope they get there in time!

You know the saying, no rest for the wicked! Man, I must be BAD!

Happy Holidays,


1 comment:

Stefunkc said...

So glad you got a day to accomplish so much!