Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Thought it was Going to be a Jammie Day!

It was Sunday. I had worked everyday last week, even covered a Saturday shift of 5 hours for a co-worker! I was tired. My plans were made ~ spend the day in my Jammie's getting laundry done and RESTING!

Well, best laid plans of mice of men! Around 11am I get a text from Kevin that he is having chest pain! (HX lesson: Exactly 1 yr ago on 12/13 he had a heart attack and received 2 stents. I had JUST started working on my Christmas letter and finished typing a paragraph explaining the above!) How is that for timing?


Kevin: Chest pain, getting EKG

Me: NO!

Kevin, No? you don't want me to get EKG?

Me: Yes, EKG!! No, to chest pain

Kev: few mins later, EKG abnormal, faxing to Cardiologist

Me: Oh Crap! What Can I do besides panic? Do I need to Call Matt?

Kev: Out of 2 meds, need Nitroglycerin, do you see it on my counter?

Me: NO! I don't see it!! Do I need to get dressed? I was having a Jammie Day!!

Kev: Feeling nauseated, I called Matt.

Me: OK

Kev: Come get me, Dr. wants to see me at Heart Hospital now!

Me: OK.

Kev: Bring someone else, my car is here!

Me: How do I get to LaMesa??

Kev: I-27 south

Me: OK, leaving in about 5

Kev: Who is coming with you, Donna??

Me: Everyone is in church! Give me a few minutes. (I make several calls, finish getting ready. No luck finding anyone to ride an hour with me. Chris, our son, is in a major study session for a final on Monday)

My phone rings, a friend had pick up something for me and wanted to know if she could drop it by the house!

Kelly: What's wrong:

Me: I have to drive to LaMesa, Kev possibly is having a heart attack, I can't find anyone to go with me to bring his car back.... (out of breath sounding desperate!)

Kelly: I can go with you!

Me: Thank the Lord!

To Kev: Kelly can come with me, she is leaving the mall, will be on the road in 5 to 10~

Kev: Main nurse might be in labor this morning, strong braxton hicks contractions!!!

Me: Exciting day at the hospital! Kelly is here, we are leaving......

I drive 78 mph down the highway to LaMesa to get Kevin, hazard blinkers on the entire way.

We get there, get him in the car, Kelly gets his car. I had warned her that I would be 'putting the pedal to the metal' coming home. I did 90 mph coming back to Lubbock! Again, hazard blinkers on. The Heart Hospital is on the far side of town from where we were coming in from. It was the longest drive in history.
Kevin's pain was fluctuating as was his temperature. He wasn't running fever, but he kept feeling hot, then cold, then back! His color wasn't good. Finally made it to the hospital.

Here he is in the ER. Labs came back good, no heart damage this time. 1 year ago his MI was classic reflux, not MI. So we had to be sure this time.

They kept him over night for observation and to do a stress test. That will be another blog!

How was your Sunday the 13th?


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~Thought's By Dena~ said...

OMG....I hope that things have calmed down some. and I really hope he is ok. WOW thats not much of a jammie day now is it???? I will be keeping you guys in my prayers. *HUGZ*

by the way its cute hes smiling in the pic considering what hes going thru