Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cooking, Cooking, Cooking.....

Gawrsh!!! Being called on a Friday and a Monday that you don't have to work, too many employee hours and not enough sales, with it being the week of Christmas is a blessing in disguise!

I've made:

2 batches of Red Hot Popcorn

2 batches of Holly Cookies

2 cheese pies

4 batches of Fudge (microwave fudge ~ EASY)

4 batches of Hot Cocoa mix

And, I'm still not done! I've been giving baked goodies to friends, my oldest son wanted stuff for his 6 co=workers! I have my managers, the mailman, Bobby, and Kev has been taking stuff to the ER's. I'm even planning my Christmas menu!

Happy Holidays!


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