Saturday, December 26, 2009

Did you Survive the Cool Yule??

I guess a simple dusting of snow for a White Christmas is just too much to ask! We got our White Christmas, as did 1/2 the country. Actually I think 1/2 the country was buried in snow, but I hope everyone was safe, warm, with family, and blessed.

I know that up in OKC, we were very concerned. Our son Tyler left work Christmas Eve at 3 to go to our Niece, Stephanie'shouse. A trip that normally takes 20 minutes. 5 HOURS later he was just arriving at her house! Ty said it took 1 hr at an intersection! Yes, TX got snow, but not 14"! On Christmas Eve, Doc was in New Mexico getting of the ER. His 2 hr drive took 3 hrs and 45 minutes!

So we feel very blessed that family was watched over and everyone is safe and warm.

My car was buried in the back drive!

AJ and Amelia!

AJ with my Mom, Lou.

I cooked dinner for 11! Getting everyone in the photo was impossible!

Happy New Year!

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