Monday, December 7, 2009

The Rest of The Story......

Well, party planning is difficult to say the least, but according to Kevin planning a SURPRISE party for me was a royal headache! I don't know if I can get all the details exactly right, or if they will be as funny coming from me, but here is what he has told me:

Kevin started in early November working on picking out that awesome BBQ grill you saw in Surprise, 4th picture. We had browsed over them in the summer and I had stated a few features that I really liked, but since I didn't really think we'd get one for another year, I didn't really get into much detail. So, now it is November, grills aren't abundant in stock and the model that Kev picks out isn't in the store!

OK, they will ship it in from San Angelo, be here in 2 days, fine. 3 days later we are eating lunch and his phone rings. Apparently it was the store asking him how he liked his new grill!!! He is saying, I don't have it yet, it was ordered. (I remember this vividly, sitting there, thinking it is the dentist's office calling about his crown!! He's frustrated, because he can't talk with me at the table!)

A few days later Kev calls to see if the grill came in and finds out the order has been lost!! Then a couple days later, and a different clerk, they apologize for loosing the order, and find out that the grill is going to have to come from San Antonio now! Kev goes to pick up the grill, finally, and the clerk asks him what negative zero means in the computer system!!! That is what is listed under in stock! Kevin states he doesn't know about her computer system, and then asks why he has to be involved in that problem?!? Can't they just get the grill for him? Now they can't find the grill, so they offer him the display grill that is bigger, and a better model for the same price. But wait, a part was missing! 8 clerks search all over for the part. Can't find it, seems it had been stolen from the store!!!

The clerks search for a replacement and offer an advanced grill in a box, that Kev will have to put together. Well, OK, if he has no other choice, he has 3 days he can probably do it. Bring out the box. Now, they find the grill that was sent from San Antonio, however, it had minor shipping damage! So, they offered to reduce the price by $60! He bargained for 2 tanks of propane.

When they bring the grill out to the trailer, they discover missing bolts on the tray! By this time the manager just wants Kevin out of the store! He tells him to go find the bolts and there won't be any charge. So Kev has to go back into the store, get bolts and go to the lunch replacement cashier and explain to her why he is getting FREE bolts!!!

He finally gets the grill to my Mom's house to put into her garage to keep it hidden, but it won't fit in her garage, the trailer tongue sticks out!! OK, the door is only open 2" and with me working and Kev in town most of the week, I won't be at Mom's house, all is well! (This was Tues. the 1st)

Wed. the 2nd Mom is insisting that we go to lunch when I get off work a little after 2!!! Kev has to call me to bring my van to pick her up at her house. OH SH _ _!!!!
So, he meets me at Mom's and his car is with inches of the garage door. Kevin is standing outside in the cold waiting to greet me, and head me over toward her walk way, keeping me away from the garage door.

We get Mom into my van, and I backed out, Kevin is taking forever to move his car but I do notice the garage door isn't closed. I was tired, it was late, and we were going to run out of time to eat before having to get kids from school. I decided not to mention the door, it wasn't going to get broken into!

OK, now for the cake! Kevin had taken Mom to the grocery store on Tuesday. He went over to the bakery section and talked to them about a cake. Here again, he does not know about size. He just knew that he could probably expect about 20 friends and that he wanted dolphins on the cake. They told him they could dolphins easily. Great, he wanted the cake by 4pm on Fri the 4th he would pay now and someone would pick it up! Fast forward to Friday ~ about 2 pm the bakery is calling, are you sure you want BLUE frosting on this cake??? YES, says an exasperated Kev! I WANT dolphins and blue icing to represent waves of the ocean AND it better be ready in 2 hours! My wife is due to walk in the door any minute, don't call me again!!

Luckily I didn't get out of work on time, and then I called to see if I had time to go get a manicure and pedicure! That is, if Kevin had time to pick up the kids from school.

Then, while we are at dinner at OTB, Kev had left a door unlocked and my friend Donna came in and got the cake ready and made punch. Kev's friend Mike was suppose to get Kev's car keys from the neighbor and go to Mom's and get the trailer and bring the grill over here and have it in the living room. Well, Mike drives a big huge pick up and decided he could pull the trailer on it. WRONG!!!! The ball on his pick up was the wrong size! So that delayed getting the grill over here, we are driving home from OTB, only a mile away, and Kev is getting a text saying stall!!! Guess I should have told him my car was low on gas!

Now, when we get home we have Mom in the car. The garage is FULL of wood, furniture being re-done, and plastic storage boxes for Christmas! There isn't any way she can get thru the garage with her walker. If Kev drives to the front, I'll see all the cars and know something is up! So, after all that hard work, he didn't get to see my reaction to all the people yelling surprise.

During the last month Kev has been working behind my back along with my daughter and using my fb to contact friends to tell them about the party! However, he had to do messaging, couldn't post it on the wall!!!!!

With my stressing over the house and asking my kids if he was trying to do a party, Kevin says this is the last surprise party he will ever do!!! Anything that could go wrong for him did!

But I really did have a great time, and I was surprised! :o)



miruspeg said...

Wow what a story Carrie....poor Kevin!!
Anyway I know you had a great birthday and you were surrounded by family and friends.
Peggy xxxxx

George K said...

Wow what a lot of work. Kevin, You are a great husband.