Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I figured that I have bored you with enough photos of late. I thought that I might share some more insight into my life.

There is a "wonderful" (sarcastic) disease called Fibromyalgia Snydrome (FMS). This disease mimics chronic fatigue, and rheumatologists must rule out Lupus, arthritis's, cancers, auto immune diseases, crohns, and many other things, as you can see.

So what is FMS? Well, it is traveling joint aches, muscle aches, tiredness, memory problems (we call it Fibro Fog), Stomach/colitis problems, headaches, sometimes problem teeth - seems like more than your fair share of dental problems, unruly hair, and no energy! The other common thing is that when you get sick, it takes you longer to get over illnesses. Other people get over something in 4 days, you will be down for 8 to 10 days! You have more 'bad' days than 'good' days. If you do get a burst of energy and spend it, then you are wiped out and down for several more days! Just not fair.

Yes, that is what we with FMS have to put up with. At one point I could hardly get up in the morning, get the kids to school, and get thru the day. I'd pick them up, and nap in the recliner while trying to help with homework. Cooking dinner was a major task.

Luckily, I have a Doctor husband who understands FMS and is interested in the treatment. He found one. A patient brought him a book written by Dr. R. Paul St. Ammand - 'What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia'.

In this book, Dr. St. Ammand talks about a treatment - Guaifenessin Protocol. Yes, the stuff that makes cough medicines taste nasty!! In pill form you know it as Mucinex!

The key to get this to work is to eliminate Salicylates from your body - Aspirin - and natural ingredients like Aloe. Salicylates (Sals) are numerous, but the list of safe products that we can use, so we don't block the Guai from working, is growing.

I have been on the guai protocol since 1992 and regained my life! I enjoy Walt Disney World, I enjoy my kids again, I enjoy doing so many simple things that people take for granted. Things that people with FMS can't do. This disease when left untreated, will cripple people. Some doctors don't think it is a real disease! They tell people that they are just depressed and making up their multitude of symptoms. Others just prescribe pain pills, say live with it, or exercise. Well, exercise is good, but it is something that most people with FMS just CAN'T do!!!

If you can, aqua therapy is wonderful. I can get range of motion, and not hurt my joints. I have to be very careful with weights and cardio equipment.

I've learned to listen to my body. When I need rest, I rest. When I feel like I can 'go' I get up and go! The hardest thing is when the house needs to be deep cleaned! I can 'kill' myself cleaning, but then I can't move for a day or two. I have to take things in stride, and do it in pieces.

When we had our clinic, we ran a support group. We had many patients that we helped. I feel like it is almost a calling of mine to spread the word about FMS and try to help people with it. If you are willing to change most products that you use for makeup, shampoo, lotion, nail polish, etc., you can have relief.

I hope this helps 1 person. This is just an introductory post to the world of FMS. If there is interest and questions, I will do more.



Sally's World said...

Hi Cozyflier...I didn't realise you had so much to deal with, this is really informative, sending you hugs and wishes to stay strong and well XOXOXO

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

you won!!!! send me your info to joshndena at yahoo and I will get it in the mail for you...CONGRATS!!!!