Friday, June 19, 2009

2 Biggest Compliments!

A few days ago I had an impromptu party with the 'girls'! I got invited to the Country Club Pool to which I live 5 blocks from and do not belong! We went to the pool from 6-8 pm and 3 of my friends were there! Made friends with 2 others. At 8 pm closing time all the kids still wanted to play. So, I invited everyone to my house. I said the moms could have a glass of wine and kids could have pizza and pop!

At 9pm one of the moms said, so, I don't want to go home because your house is soooo CLEAN! I was so honored! I have never been told that! My house was unusually clean because of family being in town, but I must admit, lately, I have been doing better at keeping a tidier home! :)

Today, at AJ's tennis lesson one of the 'teacher's gave me a great compliment. This is a 21 year old 'kid', he comes up to me and says I wish other parents were as interested in their kids as you were. Parents think this is a day care! I said, thanks, I thought I was a nuisance! I was helping pick up tennis balls! I never thought that sitting at tennis lessons for 2 hours, cheering on the other kids, and taking pictures was anything special! Today I'm told I'm an exceptional Mom :)

Wow, 2 major compliments within days of each other, blush blush!!!! Better watch out, I'm going to get a big head!

How's your week going?



Sally's World said...

i love compliments about my parenting, personal ones, i am rubbish at accepting, but when people say i am a good mum....i revel in it lol!

you are a great mum, and a great bloggy friend xxxx

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

yay you!!!!!!