Sunday, June 14, 2009

Where's the Pool??

Here it is mid June and I haven't made it to the pool yet! Where is the the time going? Amelia and AJ have not begged to go to the pool, we've had a lot of rain, and we've been busy with other stuff!

Our gym has a neat pool, and we normally enjoy it quite a bit in the summer, but this summer has been crazy!

Well, I keep dreaming.....

.... that I was back here!

Happy Summer, hope you are having a blast.



Sally's World said...

wow, i wish i was there too, that looks incredible, but why is it so empty????

Mrs. Victory's Class said...

I haven't been to the pool either. I didn't realize teaching summer school in the morning would actually take up so much of my day.

Annemarie (mcmgrad89)