Monday, June 8, 2009

24 Years ~ WOW!

Happy Anniversary Kev! Doesn't seem like 24 years, does it to you? Some things don't change, well, OK, maybe they do. Our love for each other has grown stronger, our family has grown, and our waistlines have grown!!!!!

24 down, 76 to go! Just wanted to tell you how much I love you. Looking forward to having you back in town for 2 days, going to dinner, and just being able to be with you.

Jan 1985, our engagement picture! Man we were young! My scanner isn't working, I had to take a picture of the picture in my bedroom!

June 8,1985 our wedding day. It was hot in Oklahoma! Maybe I should have gone back to Chicago for the ceremony!

May, 2009, still in love after all these years.

For our 10 year anniversary Kevin went above and beyond. We flew to a B&B, he had a limo waiting at the airport, 1 rose had been delivered to the house, the other 11 were waiting for me the next day at hotel here in Lubbock after we flew back home and dropped of the 2 boys! Catered dinner in the room after swimming, candles, cards, champagne, and a banner he made on the computer!

Our 20th was spent in Hawaii. One of my roommates from college gave us her condo over there! We flew our plane to CA, and then commercially to HA. That was an awesome trip.

Life has been so chaotic here, that this year will be working on the shed, and dinner, maybe at the French restaurant.

But next year, watch out, it is planned: A 5 night Disney Cruise to the Bahamas!!!!

Yes, honey, You're the Inspiration!

Love ya,


Stefunkc said...

Happy anniversary to two of my favorite people!

And maybe someday you'll post the wedding party pictures.

I personally heard that one of your candle lighters was adorable:c)

Joy said...

Happy anniversary! We just had our 20th. :o)

Mom said...

Happy Anniversary!!

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

Happy Anniversary!!! You two look just as happy now as you did 24 years ago!!!

Tim said...

Happy anniversary Carrie. Have a great evening out tonight. See you tomorrow.

Tim and Carol