Monday, June 29, 2009

The 8 Ball in What pocket???

Wwll, I might not have time to practice my pool shots, but the kitties do!! They have found great amusement with foam balls and the pockets of the pool table.

Please remember, this is the free table we got in the front yard of a house on AJ's birthday. It isn't in great shape so, we really don't mind if the kitties practice their game!

where did it go??

OK, I'm going to have to steal one of these balls!

1, 2, 3... POUNCE!

Lining up the shot!

Maybe a drink about now!

Entertainment has been cheap around here!

OH, sorry for the absence, I've been have technical issues again! Going out of town for the 4th, I'll have lots to blog about after the holidays!

BTW, visit for other great pictures of animals.


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Stefunkc said...

How cute! Much easier to see on here! I think the grey and white one is my favorite. Beautiful coloring.