Sunday, June 21, 2009


Happy Father's Day to all the dads in bloggy land! I thought I'd take a moment and do a blog about a wonderful dad, my husband, Kevin.

What is a Father? Well, it is a man who decides to help bring a child into the world simply enough. However, to be a Dad takes a lot of work. There is no training manual that he can read and learn how to be a dad! This is a job learned by the school of hard knocks and if we are lucky, he turns out to be a fantastic one.

I think, we have a GREAT one!

He works long hours and is away, so we can have a home.

He plays games with the family and everyone has fun!

He makes Star of the week posters that are out of this world!

He built an airplane in the garage so the family can travel farther distances, easier and have a blast!

He flies the family to visit our cousins, and then we have FUN times!

He supports the kids in their decisions and encourages them. Allows them to make mistakes but is there for support.

He can say I love you with his eyes.

He can make being in the hospital Christmas Day fun!

He makes crepes for the family and entertains us at the same time!

I could go on and on and post a bajillion pictures! But I think you get the point. Doctor, pilot, handyman, DAD ~ what ever title he goes by he is one SUPER MAN!!!!

Love you Kev

Cozyflier and crew ~ Chris, Tyler, Amelia, and AJ

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