Monday, June 1, 2009

Shed Painting

To build a new shed, we needed a base, a floor! Kevin wanted it painted and sealed against weather and bugs. So after visiting the home improvement store, this is what our home yard looked like for several days.

The plywood drying in the front drive.

Tyler gets the 1st coat of paint onto some of the support beams.

Unfortunately, a storm blew in and all the wood had to moved around back and into the garage.

Day 2 meant some painting in the garage, or near it, and some around the side of the house where the shed would be built!

Other sides of wood get paint, loaned old T's to Stephanie and McKinley who were visiting and helping, and neighbor Ashley lent a helping hand. At one point it was hard to say which had more paint, the wood or the kids!!!!

Amelia and Ashley try to get the edges of the floor coated!

Are we finished yet?



Sally's World said...

they really are working at it, great job so far!

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

at least you have great helpers!!!!