Saturday, June 6, 2009

Grad PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday night was graduation, Saturday night was our PARTY!!!! Tyler, 2 fellow graduates ~ Zach and Garrett, and friends and family came over to celebrate. Like I mentioned in my last blog, building a shed with all this going on was probably crazy. Thank heavens my niece, Stephanie was in town from OKC to help me! I stayed outside all day and built, and Stephanie and all the girls stayed inside and put together food! And by put together I mean that literally!

These mortars are Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Girhadelli(SP?) chocolate squares, and licorice pull apart ropes! All held together by frosting on a lollipop stick!

After doing the food, all the girls cleaned and decorated. The house was fairly 'clean' because of Stephanie and Shawn and girls being in town. But, it still had to be re-picked up, and swept, etc. You know, party ready. Thank heavens for Ashley, Stephanie, McKinley, AJ, and Amelia!!!

Tyler, with my Mom, Lou.

Everyone loves the chocolate fountain! It is so much fun!!!

Stephanie, Ashley~ our neighbor and Zach's sister, and McKinley~ one of Stephanie's daughters.

Tyler opens presents!

Tyler's friend, Garrett, opens his cards.

Zach opens his cards.

I think this brings you up to speed! I'm really ready for life to slow down. Will that ever happen??



Sally's World said...

great photos, great cakes!!!

Stefunkc said...

It was such a fun visit! Great family and friends. Thanks again for letting us come down. Now, get up here!!!