Saturday, June 13, 2009

Anniversary Antics

Our 24th anniversary turned out to be a family day :)

Kevin had to drive into Lubbock after working 24 hours in a moderately busy ER. Fortunately, it was only 1 hour away. I had to take Amelia to summer school and AJ to Tennis. I wasn't home until 11:30 in the morning.

Kevin was trying to catch up on sleep, but Gizmo was making this difficult!

I received a delivery of what I thought was 24 beautiful colored flowers! When Kevin returned from picking up Amelia, he started counting, and said we had been cheated, only 16, a call to the florist while on the way to lunch and later in the afternoon 24 white roses are delivered. The florist said we could keep the colored ones, their mistake!

I found a big bag of popcorn for Kev and the following....

King and Queen wine glasses!


That is an erupting volcano! Dinner at a local Japanese restaurant, Yamagata, where the food is soooo good!



Sally's World said...

happy anniversary, great photos and gifts, i love those restaurants where they cook in front of you, soooo entertaining...

heres to 24 more years xxxx

Stefunkc said...

How many times has Kevin sneezed?? Gizmo was up close and personal!

miruspeg said...

Happy belated anniversay Carrie.
I love roses especially white ones...lucky lady.
Sounds like the King and Queen had a wonderful day.