Monday, June 22, 2009

Seasons Of Change

No, I'm not talking about seasons on the calendar! I'm talking about life. Tyler has moved to Oklahoma City to start the next 'season'/phase of his life~College.

He is surrounded by family and I'm sure he will be fine, but it is difficult to let go. I know he is my second one to leave, but my first son stayed around the house a little longer and is only 2 miles away! I see him every week or so when he comes to do his laundry.

So this was a little more difficult for me. Helping Tyler load the car and pack up the room was very draining. Amelia and AJ don't quite get why I'm so excitable lately. Or, if they do, they haven't said anything. Here are a few pictures of what Friday & Saturday were like at my house.

Trying to fit everything into his 'new' car!

Packing boxes and checking the closet to make sure nothing important is hiding! How is all this going to fit?

There isn't an inch of room left in this car! Every nook and cranny was filled. When we go to OKC for 4th of July, we will have the van full too! A dresser, chairs, odds and ends! Oh my, seems like it was easier to move to college when I left home!

The result??? I now have a guest room after many many years! Amelia wants to invade the closet space, but the room is going to be available for weary travelers!

So, our nest is a little emptier, but for the time being I still have Amelia and AJ at home and Chris is 2 miles away.

The hard part has been not crying in front of the 2 younger ones.



~Thought's By Dena~ said...

oh Carrie I have been there and done that twice is one of those moments in life we are so happy to see them growing and doing something with their life and yet its hard to let go...and in some ways you feel like you arent needed anymore....but they always find a way to let ya know they still need ya!!!!! ((HUGZ))

Stefunkc said...

We're taking good care of him! And please come visit him anytime you want to. We have a guest room also:c)