Thursday, June 11, 2009

'B' Photo A to Z Photos

Backsides building!

Chris, AJ, and Tyler, my 3 sons building on our shed!!

So I couldn't decide on just 1 'B' photo, so here is my second one!!!!!!!!!!!!


When our nephew-in-law, Shawn, came to town our neighbor Ashley had never met him. However, Shawn had heard of Ashley's antics for a year. Ashley found this apron up in the closet of her grandma's house from some old gag party! Imagine Shawn's surprise when he met Ashley for the first time with this on!

Well, he couldn't pass it up, he had to put it on, an I couldn't resist snapping a picture!



Sally's World said...

LOL...the shed looks great...the apron on the otehr hand looks terrible!!!

vgsmom said...

I'm guessing right about now that Shawn is wishing that Steph never talked you into blogging :)!! Thanks for noticing that I was MIA..

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

omg that is too funny...I need to get one of those aprons!!!!!

Stefunkc said...

Lori, you are so right!!

No, he deserves it! I was hilarious:c)

miruspeg said...

Love your sense of humour Carrie!
Excellent "B" photos.