Thursday, April 16, 2009

Its Not Snow!!

So, the saying, wait 5 minutes and the weather will change was proven once again today! It was a lovely day, sunny, quite breezy, and warm. Kevin and I 'chased' all day. Errand after errand. Mom's dog, Elke, loved being in the car with us! Kevin was shocked how much attention Elke received at the rehab hospital!!

Anyway, we no sooner finished picking up the kids and pulled into the garage when the thunder started. A few minutes later, lightning. A much needed rain we all thought. Well, we had a surprise in store, hail, Ping Pong to Golf Ball sized hail! This hail pummelled down a good 7 minutes. It stopped, and then restarted!

The kids were really scared, and I was glad that Kevin had the day off! I started taking pictures, because it looked like it had snowed. Except there was a river outside where the street belonged!

During the course of the evening we had 2 more rounds of this storm system, and my Weather Channel e-mail alert sent 18 notifications in 3 hours!!

Here are some of my pictures.

The back porch covered in hail, looking into the back yard.

My storage trunk to keep things like charcoal dry - see that round circle? Kevin informed me later that the hail made a hole in the top! The inside of the trunk is full of hail!!! We only bought the trunk June of last summer! Looks like we have a fiber glass patch job to do.

River Utica Drive!!! There is a street under there somewhere, I promise.

Hail collecting on Kevin's car windshield. He later inspected the car, 7 big dents found in the hood alone. OUCH! I know what we are doing in the morning, insurance company and body shop!

I'm just grateful that the tornadoes avoided us. I think it might be a long Spring. Wonder if we will end up getting a new roof? 4th one in 15 years!!! Hmm, Texas weather is rough~



Sally's World said...

OUCH!!! i feel sorry for anyone who got caught out in that...

Stefunkc said...

Fourth?? My word! We only had lightning, thunder, and light rain! Sadly, I think it will be worse tonight.

Jeanette said...

Those hail storms can be pretty rough. We had one a few years ago, my kids and I were caught in it. We were in Kroger and had to get in the milk freezer. It was VERY scary. We had golf ball sized hail and tornadoes. It was bad... my van was totaled, the streets were flooded, trafic lights were out. I definately pay attention to the weather since then.