Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The 2nd of 3 Wishes - Neil Diamond!

So, I told ya'll about my 1st wish, the swimming with dolphins. Kevin said, what about the other wish? I said, they'll be coming! In my 25 random thoughts and my reasons why I love my husband I mentioned Neil Diamond.

Yes, one of my wishes has been to meet the great Mr. Neil Diamond. My oldest son is even named Christopher Neil after Neil Diamond!!!! I have gone to many concerts over the years, his voice is amazing. We can be driving in the car, the radio barely audible, I'll reach over and crank the radio - it is Neil on the radio!!!

Imagine my delight back in 2002 when we found out he was finally coming to Lubbock! Wouldn't have to travel half way across the the country to see him. We bought tickets, a group of 25 of us, managed to get floor tickets, 25 rows back.

The day of the concert about 4:30 in the afternoon, the radio DJ, Landon announces he has 1 pair of tickets to give away that are in 2nd row!!!! OMG, I need these tickets!!! Somehow, I manage to get thru dialing and redialing and am the 20th caller!!! I rush to the radio station, pick up my prized possession and call Kevin!

Now, I start calling friends to see if anyone wants a REALLY GOOD deal on 2 tickets, because now I have 2 extra. I had bought tickets for the entire family! I finally find a friend who does not have other obligations.

I get ready for the concert, Gold Lame all the way, don't care if it is out of style!! We get to the concert, the seats are INCREDIBLE!! Amelia spends most of the show in my lap, or should I say, in the aisle dancing we me. I don't sit at a Neil Diamond concert! I'm a complete and utter fool!! We wave at Mr. Diamond, he waves back, we sing, dance, and have a wonderful night.

Then, Mr. Diamond is coming back to the front of the stage, and starting to sing "Girl You'll be a Woman Soon", as he walks to the front corner, he motions me forward. I carry Amelia up to the stage, Mr. Diamond gets down on his knees and sings to her (us)! Amelia puts her hand in his at the appropriate time in the lyric, and I'm just dying this entire time! At the end, he kisses Amelia on her cheek, than Kisses ME on Mine!!!!!! OMG, I think I just died and went to heaven!!!

I have just been serenaded by the vocalist I love most in the world, the day before my B-Day in my home city.

Then Mr. Diamond Stood up,said, what a beautiful little girl, give her a teddy bear. The security people brought Amelia a Teddy bear that says I heart Neil.

My wish to meet Mr. Diamond in my home and have a jam session isn't going to get much closer that this!!!

I still get goosebumps thinking about this!

As for my 3rd wish, it has yet to come, I want to go on WDW cruise with the family. Someday we'll be able to use our DVC points and then pay the difference and take that cruise.

For now, I'm happy reliving the night Mr. Neil Diamond sang to Amelia and myself!

Sorry, no pictures, they don't allow cameras into concerts :(



vgsmom said...
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vgsmom said...

Great Story!! You have a blessed life!

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

WOW thats awesome....gave me goosebumps just reading it!!!

Teresa K said...

GREAT should come join us at Sweet Caroline to talk about Neil.
zhope to see you there!!