Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday

Hello Everyone! I can say that now, I have several followers, hee hee. Just wanted to wish all a Happy Mar dis Gr as Day! I don't get into all the religion aspects of it, I just have a fun time with it. Our local Meals on Wheels puts on an excellent party as their yearly fundraiser. Over 30 restaurants come down to the Civic Center and serve small samples of their cuisine! We buy 1 ticket to get in the door, and everything else is free, except the kids games! So, tonight we'll be enjoying a dining variety, looking over silent auction items and trying to persuade the kids not to have their hair spray painted multiple colors!

Tomorrow, I'll tell you all the fun we had, and post all the pictures!

Aren't you just breathless with anticipation?

OK, OK, here is one shot from last yr, just so you don't hyperventilate. Don't want Doc to have to do a house call!

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vgsmom said...

Waiting patiently for the pictures.