Thursday, February 26, 2009

Murphy's Law

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong!!!!

Why is it that it isn't windy UNTIL you decide to go outside and rake? Yesterday was beautiful. While at the gym I decided that I would go home and continue my workout. Kevin was home, I could get the extra help when needed, the sun was out, it was warming up to a brisk 50 degrees. And it was calm! I sat there riding my exercise bike, watching the golfers and the trees, no movement!!!

We come home, I tell Kevin my ingenious plan, he thinks I'm crazy and I get everything out that I need - rakes, gloves, trash bags, and a broom.

I start my attack, the front porch and the garden area will be first.

What's that, did I just feel a breeze? No! Go away wind, I have a HUGE pile of leaves, you can't undo my work!

I trudge on. More wind! I have 3 big piles to contend with. This isn't just a passing little breeze. It is becoming a full fledged WINDY day. KEV!! HELP!!!

Getting 2 Drum Liners full of leaves with the wind proved to be a little tricky. I gave up after that. However my 2 gardens do look better!

That really is a lot of leaves! Those bags were heavy. This just proves my point. I hate yard work, that is why we have a pretend backyard! Better luck to you next time to decide to rake. May Murphy's law shine more favorably on you!



vgsmom said...

I think I'll just blow my leaves into the neighbor's yard. Nice work.

Stefunkc said...

We were just talking about your 'pretend backyard' yesterday!