Saturday, February 21, 2009


Having been the baby of the family I didn't have a lot of experience with siblings, neither did Kevin. There is a huge gap between our older siblings and ourselves.

Here's the after school look, I'm tired don't mess with me!

So when our kids came along sibling rivalry was one of those things that challenged us (me) most! I'm not use to Amelia and AJ bickering, fighting like cats and dogs, and blaming the notorious, 'not me' for something. Gee, wonder if anyone Else experiences this?

So, imagine my surprise today when after school, they are playing games,calmly, Cooley, and like civil human beings that we raised them to be? Was there a secret agenda to this meeting of the minds? Or are they actually growing up. Time will tell, but I can sure enjoy it while it lasts!

I guess Star Wars Straego can be fun and relaxing!!

Oh, no, 45 minutes later, they're done playing, back in the den and back to pestering each other about who gets which end of the sofa. Well, 40 minutes of quiet was better than none! Thank you lord, they're growing up!



vgsmom said...

I have the whole no sibling rivarly thing with Jenna. Only child. Of course, yours will have conflict resolution skills my Jenna will never have.

Stefunkc said...

I love the momentary moments of happiness. I live for them!