Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mardis Gras

Can you believe this is a cookie?

Last night was the 10th anniversary of Meals on Wheels Mardis Gras fundraiser. The big party at the Civic Center. BEADS, 38 Restaurants serving food, entertainment, silent auctions, shopping, and activities for the kids. Mardis Gras, or Fat Tuesday, is the 42 Tuesday before Easter. Today, should be Ash Wednesday, and Friday will start the beginning of Lent. OK, I believe I was talking about fun, not religion!

So,I think it may be easier to show you in pictures rather than try to 'speak'! Imagine music in the background: When the Saints Come Marching In...

Did someone mention Food??

Here are Amelia, Kevin, and AJ enjoying a variety of selections!

And entertainment you ask, oh my!

Belly Dancers galore!

Then, if you didn't enjoy watching belly dancers! There were tap dancers on hand!

Kids were not bored either. A whole section just for them on Bourban Street!

Please note that BIG tower on the R in the background. That's known as the spiderweb! Here is what it looks like up close!

That's my friend's daughter, Ashlynn in the spider web!

Anyone feel like bouncing and working off all that wonderful food?

Well, the kids loved the bouncers!

Here's Addie, coming down the slide! Karen's other daughter!

Rock climbing was popular!

Face Painting!

So, what did the women do why the men watched the dancers? SHOP of course! there were tables of silent auction things to bid on and tables of things to buy! Oh, and beads!

I added to my bead collection! And, notice the belt, I have to get my Mickey fix in!

I think you can tell we had a GREAT time! This is our 5th year to go to this event. It is wonderful.

Now, I have to show you one more thing! What do you do with all the beads you accumulate over the years?? I made a centerpiece for my dining room table!

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kris king said...

Hi! Thanks for posting the picture of our unique Mardis Gras cookie bouquet on your blog!! One of my staff, Josh Gentry actually designed this one locally. He is amazing! I could not believe you were the one who won our drawing!!! That must be providence! Thanks again! You seem to enjoy life... remember our cookie shoppe when you want to celebrate your life events!! Everyday is a holiday--celebrate life with cookies! Kris King, Overseer of FUN! Cookies by design, Lubbock, TX