Sunday, February 8, 2009

Disney Celebrations

I might have mentioned I love Walt Disney World (WDW)! When nothing comes to mind to post, I'll probably talk Disney! That's the family + 1 girl! We like taking friends to WDW and sharing the MAGIC!

Amelia's B-day is just after NYE. One year we went to WDW for NYE and her B-day. What a trip that was. WDW puts on great fireworks, but NYE - watch out!! For the midnight countdown they had fireworks going off in a complete circle around the Magic Kingdom! It was impossible to take pictures of it. Here is a picture of the castle with 10 seconds to go!

I'd always wanted to see the parks decked out for the Christmas holiday so we figured after Christmas would be better. Well it was to some extent! NYE itself was record breaking crowds. The weather was great and we all had a wonderful time.

The Christmas parades were awesome too:

Dancing Reindeer

Wooden Soldiers

On another trip we celebrated our 23rd anniversary. For that one, there were 10 of us! My 6 plus our niece and her 3 girls - poor Dad didn't have vacation time at new job.

Here we are with Donald Duck!

This time, I didn't want to buy these head accouterments. Surprised?! Well, I wanted to to be able to get things for my nieces!

My daughter is in the white tank with sunglasses on her head.The other 3 Kennedy, Reagan, and McKinley - the Presidents - are my great-nieces. Aren't they cute?

So, these are some of our Disney Celebrations. I'm sure there will be more.


vgsmom said...

You know I love to read Disney!! Only 37 days! Great Pictures.

Stefunkc said...

And who is the one looking through the shutters?? :)

Chrissy said...

...awesome pics!!! I love it!!! I also recgonize the tub at OKW!!! One of my favorite reasons to stay there...nothing like unwinding in those tubs after a day at the parks... :0)