Sunday, February 22, 2009


Most people think of traditions when it comes to Thanksgiving and Christmas. But I want to tell you about a Funk family tradition. Sunday morning breakfast! When Kevin is in town, which is rare these days, Sunday breakfast falls to him! I'm not talking pancakes or waffles, both of which are good. I'm talking about Crepes or Cocoa Gravy and Biscuits!

Today it was Crepes - YUM!

Look at those beautiful things! Ohhhhh, so delicious. Fill them with my infamous cream cheese mixture, fruit, scrambled eggs, sausage, jelly, whatever your favorite thing is. Roll them up put a little whipped topping on and ENJOY! I'm in heaven!

Yes, crepes are truly a tradition in our family. The kids get so excited when they know they are going to have them. They even get in the kitchen to help! You KNOW it has to be good!

Now, if you've followed my blog, you've seen the picture of Kevin making crepes. (Why I love my Husband 2/14) So, here is a picture, a rare thing indeed, of my oldest son, Chris, making crepes! See, being the great dad that Kev is, he not only makes crepes, but he has taught both our older boys how to make them! Alas, I just can't get the wrist twirl down :( So it remains his job!

And what do you do with that last little bit of batter that won't make a full crepe?
You make a Mickey head of course! See, Disney is contagious!

I was so energized after crepes I managed to clean the entire house! How was your Sunday?



vgsmom said...

My mom used to make crepes when we were growing up, but I am not brave enough to attempt them. What a great tradition.

Stefunkc said...

Love it! The post, the background, the new picture. What a productive Sunday you had!

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

as weird as this sounds I have never had a crepe before....I must be missing out on something!!! I do think its is awesome that you son was making them.....I love it when my older boys come home from college and they do those sweet little things like that!!!