Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why I love Flying

I mentioned in my 25 random thoughts that we built an airplane. My friends on facebook have been asking me about this. I thought I'd share!

I have loved flying since I was a child, I wanted to fly airplanes since about 7 yrs of age. Some movie with Raquel Welch in which she was flying really impacted me! Dad was a navigator in the war, Mom soloed when she was young, it was in my blood.

My high school had aviation classes, I took both Tech 1 and 2 in Jr. and Sr. year. I had no desire to go to college, but Mr. Garton, my HS Aviation Tech teacher, worked on me and convinced me I needed to go. Off to college to become a pilot, I want to fly airliners.

It didn't take long for reality to set in and for me to realize that I didn't have enough money to get all the ratings I would need and all the hours flying I would need to be an airline transport pilot. Also, at that time, the cycle was that the airlines were hiring military pilots and not private. What's a girl to do?

I changed my major to Aviation Management. I didn't loose any credit hours, and still graduated on time! All my aviation classes worked for the my degree! This was a special Bachelors of University Studies Degree, I would be capable of running an FBO at an airport, work for a company that made aircraft, and do any general management job in the business field.

Well, as luck would have it, a fellow Flying Aggie introduced me, to my now husband, at graduation. We dated for 2 years and then married. Kevin is also a recreational pilot. The only logical thing to do for a family who loves to fly is build an airplane! And that brings me back to the beginning!

This is where it is peaceful, up in the sky, above the clouds, the engine humming...

... The sun peaking through clouds now and again. Absolutely breathtaking. Yes, I love FLYING.



vgsmom said...

I wish I loved flying. I love the ease of flying. I love the time saving factor. I love that it lets my vacations seem longer. But I don't love flying. It is so cool that you built your own plane.

Stefunkc said...

Shawn asked me tonight if you had finished college and how you and Kevin met. I told him all of this but didn't tell him I'd just read it. He is impressed, for now!!

Stefunkc said...

Oh, and as to the humming part...I've taken the headphones off. I wouldn't call that a hum!