Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Snowball Effect

You know how a snowball builds? Well that has been happening to me lately around the house. I start 1 simple project, right? Yeah! Take for example the 'simple' task of defrosting the deep freeze. Kevin usually does that, BLESS him. Well, I decided that I would do it, food kept attacking me anytime I tried to get something to make a meal. Ouch, my toes hurt!!

So, back to the reason for this post. A few days after my defrosting job, my laundry room smells like a dead rat. Yikes!!! Kev of course is out of town working some small town ER. I put a small fan back there and crack open the shop door, maybe I can blow the smell out!!

3 Days later when Kevin comes home he ventures into the laundry room. He thinks my piece of carpet under the W/D is wet! Kev and Tyler move them - oh NO! So, I don't just have to pick up hangars, and vacuum lint, now we have to take out the carpet. This is what I find - a fire waiting to happen.......

After sweeping, dusting, and wet mopping everything back there, I donned a pair of plastic gloves and sifted through the debris. I found $2.29! That's a Rt. 44 at Sonic during happy hour!!

Since it was 14 degrees outside when we discovered all this, Kevin threw the carpet outside and said cleaning it could wait for warmer weather. See how that snowball keeps building?

Does this happen at your house, or just mine?

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