Sunday, February 1, 2009

No Power? (Dedicated to my friends Dee & Jillybean in KY)

With the Arctic freeze and so many people without power it occurred to me that people can't cook. We really are dependent on electricity! Well, I have this handy food processor.

This is how I make ham salad, chicken salad, and grind up many things! I never got a modern day food processor, Grandma Skvarenina would be proud!

I was thinking, if the weather patterns keep up and the economy stays the way it has been. The appliance companies might want to start making these little gems again so that when a big part of the country does not have power for 12 days, someone can still get by!

I sure hope that Dee and my other friends in the the Midwest all get power, and their lives back to normal real soon.

Take care and say a prayer.



Stefunkc said...

I have one of those that was Granny Teals! I use it when I need to shred a block of cheese:)

QueenDee29 said...

Thank you, Carrie, for the blog dedication! My grandmother had one of these grinders, as did I until a few years ago...but I never once used mine. I never got into the idea of making my own ground meats, or sausages. However, you're right, any kitchen utensil that doesn't use electricity is a good thing when the power goes out. That first day at my mother's, she was trying to heat water in the fireplace, and wishing she had a woodstove like some of her neighbors and relatives! When I lived in Maine some 32 years ago it seemed EVERYONE had a wood-burning cookstove in their home. With one of those you wouldn't miss your electric stove at all! Thanks for thinking of us down here in the frozen state of Kentucky! We're still surviving! ~Dee