Thursday, February 12, 2009


I'm the baby of the family, I'm 48 and still considered the baby! My brother and sister are 17 months apart, however, my sister is 12 1/2 years older than I am!

S. Gail is wonderful, I never would have made it through Jr. High and Sr. High math without her! Bless her for hanging around the house a few extra years. I have dyslexia, and though I can read a blue streak, I can transpose numbers something fierce. Just ask Kevin when he trys to balance to the checkbook! Back in the '60's the school system on the S. side of Chicago either didn't or wouldn't test me for dyslexia. Mom knew I had it, she never told me though. All I know is I struggled with homework. Gail could help me and get me to understand it, where as dad even though he didn't mean to had me in tears in nothing flat!

Gail and I did a lot of cool things together. We went to movies, would go downtown to WMAQ radio (dad worked for NBC) and help Jim Hill host the radio show all night long! Gail took me to Mensa Rg's and AG's. One summer we went to LA! I saved all my babysitting money and we had a blast. Disney Land, Universal Studios, swimming in the pool, meeting Issac Asimov, and almost flying in a small plane!

The really cool thing I remember is that we looked a lot alike. We could pass for twins, which when I was 15 and she was 27 was hoot for both of us!

You may ask why I decided to do a blog about my sister now? Well, today, Feb. 12 is S. Gail's BIRTHDAY! So, I'm doing this blog to wish her a Happy Birthday and honor her. I'm not sure she reads my blogs, but maybe someone in Mensa, in AZ will find it and tell her to!

My sister S. Gail with her husband Gary when they visited TX. Here with AJ and Amelia at school during lunch!

Happy Birthday, SIS, I Love You! Thanks for all your help over the years.

Your sister,


vgsmom said...

Sweet post! I have a brother, not quite the same as sister as I understand it.

Stefunkc said...

Okay, sweet...but now I really hate being an only child.

S Gail said...

Well, Carrie, thank you for the lovely post for my Big 6-0 birthday! I am now a Sexagenarian; how cool is that! Your math still is a bit fuzzy; Tim is 13½ months older than me, and I am 11 years and 10 months older than you (but who's counting!). I didn't remember influencing you that much back then, but I do remember the tears when Dad tried to help you with homework.