Friday, February 13, 2009


One of the loves in my life is Scrapbooking from now on referred to as SB! I've been doing this all my life, just didn't realize it! I always put together photo albums, cropped photos, and put captions on my photos. I would even put Who, What, When, and Where in the photo albums. But like most people I used those magnetic albums. Oh my, I have 15 years of albums to redo, with my photos all washed out thanks to the acid eating them away.

In the mid '90s a whole new world opened up. What is now considered standard SB was then brand new! Safe scrapbooks, Acid Free, use colored paper to bring out your photos, be artistic, get fancy scissors to Crop your photos, use stickers, die cuts, and acid free pens. Just like Tupperware, SB parties became the rage! I taught SB to friends, remember, this was new, you couldn't find supplies in every store! I was considered strange, I spent time creating works of art for my photos. Why did I do this? Who was going to care? Hopefully my children would care. Well, look we we've come in 10 years time! Everyone seems to be SB now, you can find supplies at every craft store, some drug stores, grocery stores, and there are even SB stores! Here is a picture of SOME of my completed albums from the last 10 years:

Yes, SB has become so popular that you can go online and make scrapbooks there, and the company will print, bind, and ship to your door. For those who don't have time this one alternative. I also know that there are women out there who you can pay to make your scrapbook for you! Here are some online samples:

This one doesn't surprise you does it?

These are a couple that I made at, love that sight!

I even have a coffee table where I can show off SB talent if I want to. I put my knowledge to use and did this in 5 minutes!

Now a days there is even software that you can use to design your entire page, order it and slip it into a scrapbook. Everyone keeps telling me I'll love this, but I've done traditional SB for so long I just don't know. Besides, when I have a place like this to retreat to, who wants to spend ALL the time working on the computer?

And just another quick notation - my 4 children do ENJOY taking out their scrapbooks from time to time and reliving all the good memories and times that are preserved in those wonderful albums. It is worth it!

Happy Scrappin'!


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