Monday, February 16, 2009

President's Day

Talking with my niece last night via facebook instant messanger, she was telling me about her big plans for today. Her 3 girls are named after Presidents! Then it dawned on me, I have a little Presidential history of my own. Stephanie was amazed that I had never told her all of this and said it would make wonderful reading. Not sure, but I'll attempt!

My Dad worked for NBC News in Chicago and Nightly News; therefore he traveled all the time and once in awhile, Mom and I joined him.

1968 primary campaign was one such time, Key West, Florida. Richard Nixon was there for a week. I had the opportunity at age 7 to meet the man running for President! I also met his lovely family. Wife Patricia, daughter Tricia, and daughter Julie nicknamed me 'Little Miss Press'. There weren't many 7 year old kids around at the Press Conferences, on the bus, or the plane! A month or so later Dad was buying a charm for my charm bracelet that he started me. Mr. Nixon was with him, and he bought a charm for me too!

I know Nixon didn't end up with one of the greatest records in history, but this is something that I'll never forget!

It also occurred to me that back in 1963, I was just a toddler, Dad was assigned to Kennedy's tour. NBC called Dad's crew back and reassigned him to Nixon just a few weeks before Kennedy got shot! Thinking back while talking with Stephanie, I wish my Dad had written all these things down, his stories would make great reading in a book, or at least a blog!

Anyway, this is my reflection for President's Day. Enjoy your day, however you celebrate it, big or small.



vgsmom said...

Those are great stories. I wish my granfather had written more stuff down he had such a great life. Happy President's Day!

Stefunkc said...

Love it! And now that you know he wrote things down I expect a bunch more of these posts!!