Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Madness

I have 5 minuntes to post and it still be Monday!!!

A simple day right? Wrong!!!

A teacher conference at 8:10am. UGH! I'm NOT a morning person!!! Didn't sleep well, couldn't get hubby up and moving, arrive late. Get out, run by coffee shop, Kevin and I are thirsty, I don't 'do' coffee, but bottled water works!

Come home, change, go to gym and work out for a little over an hour.

Come home change, rest for a short break. Work around house, check e-mail, already time for lunch. Japanese? Sure. Change clothes, again!

Lunch, YUM! Walmart, a few groceries, Kevin's cell phone holder broke, theirs should be cheaper than the cell phone store.

Look at time, OMG, time to pick up AJ, it's 2:50!!! Mad dash to check out.

RUN to school. Come home, review folder, papers, ton of makeup work, remember he's missed 2 weeks of school. Make up 6 3 digit X 2 digit multiplication problems for him to work. Go over them, and check them, where's my calculator??

Uh, oh, time to go get Amelia from tutoring! Back to school I go!

Home again, go over homework, assignments, sign papers, calendars. Figure out what we are wearing for school pictures on Thursday!

Then, the rest of the evening just falls apart. A mad dash to the doctors office, running to get scripts, trying to get Kevin to the ER by 7 and everyone fed dinner. The pharmacy can't get the scripts for Kev done in the 10 minutes promised, so I then have to go pick them up and drive 20 minutes across town to the hospital and take his medicines to him. Finally get home at 8:15 as my cell phone starts to ring and my kids are asking: When are you coming home??

I dislike Mondays!


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Stefunkc said...

How funny! Well, because none of that happened to me!