Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Awesome I Am!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Sally is a love! She has passed this CROWN onto me. I'm soooooo honored! Never thought of myself as a queen, well Scrapbook Queen, but that's about it!!

In order to keep the crown, I have to tell you seven things that are Awe-Summm!!! about me.

1. I love my husband, he is AMAZING. I have been married coming up on 24 yrs and I've known him 26 years. I'm more in love with him each day.

2. I have 4 awesome kids. 2 years ago I almost died, if it hadn't been for my 2 oldest sons helping with housework,helping with the 2 younger kids, driving me to appointments, I dont' know what I would have done. My 2 youngest sat with me and hugged me and kept me company in the summer.

3. I'm crafty ~ I scrapbook, I do room mom things for the kids, I make star of the week posters! I know how to sew, but don't do it near as well my Mother, oh to have her talent! I can make cute things out of cans, caps, and other recyclables!!

4. I make friends easily ~ whether in person or online! I love to find out about my friends and try to keep in touch.

5. I over volunteer ~ but people know they can depend on me and I'll get the job done! I may be involved with PTA, civic organizations, EAA, or helping my husband. But I'll get the job done!

6. I'm organized in my own way! Don't look at my desk - a messy desk is a sign of genius!!!! Actually it is quite clean right now. I have a to do list that never ends.

7. I'm so happy to be a Stay at Home Mom once again. I've worked a lot in the office for my husband over the years, but being able to stay home, and be with the kids is a big reward. I love being part of their lives and know what is happening at school.

Thanks Sally for the Crown!

Now, I name the following 7 blogs to wear the Crown proudly:

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Ms. Rockstars Blog

Amelia Bedelia

Middleage Ramblings

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Between the Sheets

Enjoy and wear the crown proudly.


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Sally's World said...

what a great soooo deserve the crown...I knew you were awesome!!!