Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer Time???

Is it summer yet? Saturday it was 52*, misty, and cloudy. Yesterday it was 90* and sunny! The kids played and played, and finally couldn't resist. I get a call while I'm at the store for my Mom. Can we hook up the Big sprinkler and play in it???(we have built in sprinklers) Sure, why not I told them!

So, this is what Amelia and AJ did for over an hour in the heat! Yep, that is my pretend backyard! Stephanie, you really think a trampoline is going to fit back there?!?

Didn't realize until I uploaded the picture that I caught them in the air!!

Take a guess at what they tried to pull before bed. I don't need a shower Mom, I played in the sprinkler!!!!! Oh, the joys of motherhood!

If I'm absent this week, please forgive. I have a crossover lunch, another meeting, recognition ceremony, and Play Day, plus take Mom to a Dr. appointment! I might see ya'll in June, after graduation!!


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Stefunkc said...

I measured!! I KNOW it will fit!