Friday, May 15, 2009

The Walls Come Tumbling Down

Our shed hasn't been a shed for years now. We are planning on rebuilding in 13 days when Stephanie and Shawn and family arrive from OKC for graduation. Shawn likes to have a project! What better project than building a shed, right???

Tonight, we played demolish the existing structure! Even Ashley our neighbor lent a helping hand. We hauled everything out of it, mostly trash, and started kicking, swinging hammers, and crowbars!

Amelia is strong, but you can see this shed has had it!!! Peeling the walls off wasn't very hard.

We are going to recycle as much material as we can. This not only helps the environment, but saves money! So, the 2x4's and such will be reused in the new shed.

This is the 1st load of garbage taken around back to the dumpsters!

Oh my, 15 years in that shed and some of that stuff was horrible!

Stay tuned for progress reports as we get the flooring/base laid and done. We have to get that built and prepared before Shawn comes from OKC. Then, we should be able to build a scratch built shed in the 3 days that he will be here to help!

Building a shed, graduation, and a graduation party all at the same time. I must be crazy!!!



Sally's World said...

how do we end up with so much stuff in the shed...that piles bigger than the shed was!!! lol!!!

miruspeg said...

Hey Carrie
Just had read of your last half dozen posts and enjoyed looking at the photos and reading your commentary. It is lovely reading how close you and Steph are. It warms my soul.

Looks like everyone had fun demolishing this shed. And yes the things we keep that we think we might need one day. My father was a huge hoarder, I am trying to ween myself from that bad habit.

Take care

Stefunkc said...

Woo-Hoo!! The things you do to get ready for us to visit:)