Saturday, May 16, 2009


My son said something to me the other day that really upset me. Tyler is graduating HS and it seems that over the years in school the kids have given him grief because his dad is a Doctor and he is considered a RICH kid!

Amelia and AJ heard this and agreed, the kids assume that since their dad is a Doctor, everything is easy for them.

Why does the world profile or stereotype?

If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times, there is a big difference between been a heart surgeon, or dermatologist, or an OB Doctor compared to being a Family Physician.

FP's don't get high copays from the insurance companies, they don't get paid well on allowable charges from the insurance companies, and doctor bills are often considered optional to pay! The Dr. bill gets paid last and has to wait the longest. At least here in TX people are in a mind set that if they have a $300 bill that insurance didn't cover or it went to the deductible, they can pay the doctor $5 a month!

But I digress.

NOT all doctors are RICH, not all lawyers are RICH, and not all _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ are poor either. Can't think of a job! But we profile and stick people into these little slots where they belong.

There are other instances where people are profiled, I'm just using this one 'angle'.

I think it is sad when the kids are affected. Sorry, I had to voice my opinion and get on my soapbox.



~Thought's By Dena~ said...

I agree with you on this and it is sad that people have to do that more people need to just look at each other as WHO they are and not where they come from..what they or (their parents do for a living)...accept each other for the person they are on the inside!!!!! Sorry you and your kids go thru this (hugz)

Sally's World said...

amen...this is so true, when me or the kids say Dave is a barrister, they presume we are loaded, so not true, its waiting for fees, building reputations,and then if you try to explain it to them, they look at you as if you are moaning about nothing...

Cozyflier said...

Sally, I knew you would understand. What you go through with the kids too, people assuming things!

Dena, thanks. I think everyone can relate to this.

The kids are being soooo snobby this year even at the 5th grade level. Just breaks my heart.

Sally, I can totally relate!! We need to talk girl!