Sunday, May 17, 2009

Car Wreck - OUCH!!!!

Thank the Lord, he wasn't hurt. Tyler had a wreck Thursday. This is the result.
A big honking pick up with a tow ball stopped suddenly because the car in front of it stopped for no reason! The car then took off. Tyler put on the brakes, skidded for 30' but didn't get stopped. The ball went right through the radiator and crumpled the hood. Oh my! No ticket was issued because the 3rd car left, not knowing it caused a wreck.

Tyler is very upset. This was his first car. Yes it was a 2000 model, but he had it for 14 months and it was a reliable car.

We are playing the waiting game AGAIN with the insurance company. We just got done with them totaling Chris' car because of hail damage!

Will they total this one?? I'm not holding my breath. Stay tuned!

Under the hood!

Another view of the car!

Guess it was to much to ask that Tyler make it to age 21 without a wreck? He will be 19 in July. I'm tired of insurance claims! The Hail Storm of April 16th means we will be getting a new roof, gutters, and repairs inside from some leaks! Kevin's car just had $5ooo of damage repaired. As I said, Chris' car is totaled from hail dents and now Tyler is devastated.

Can life get any more exciting? No, wait, I didn't ask that!! Well, you know where you'll find me, I'll be at OTB having a frozen margarita!!



Sally's World said...

glad he is okay!

miruspeg said...

OUCH is right!
Wow what a lucky escape Tyler had. It must have been terrifying skidding for 30' than Bang.
Hopefully this will be the last of the families bad luck.
Yes you definitely need a margarita or two Carrie.

PS Just to be on the safe side don't go flying for a little while!