Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Swine Flu- or H1N1

Not trying to be an alarmist. Just wanting to show you what my talented son, Tyler, has been doing in his GIS class. This is a computer class that is very difficult to explain. However, Tyler's teacher noticed that the dept of health did not have a County Map to show the Swine Flu out break. Tyler's assignment was to take data, put it into an excel program with all counties of Texas. Edit that with confirmed cases of Swine Flu, and merged this data with Arcmap software to make a map of the 254 counties of Texas. Like I said, GIS is not easy to explain!! Anyway, since last week, Tyler has been updating and improving his map. Watching the cases grow and spread has been impressive. This is giving my son real world use for something that he enjoys doing! He might even be in the local paper!!

His 1st map, 5-1-09

On 5-5-09 the data changed from 2 pm when he started class to 3:20 when he was getting ready to end class!! 60 cases in TX

Today 87 cases! This is still growing despite what the media says.

Just thought I share something interesting.


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Stefunkc said...

Such a talented guy!

And boy am I glad I live in OK!!