Monday, May 25, 2009

Play Day!

Every school year our elementary school has a BIG play day for all the kids. The PE teachers set up stuff to play with all over the school field and we have a day filled with carnival type games. Face painting, jumpers, water slide, snow cones, candy for sale, etc.

The 5th graders get to help the pre-K and kindergartners get around during their 2 hour play time in the morning. Then the room moms feed all the kids lunch, and in the afternoon, 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders get to go play for 2 hours! Here are a few pictures. I didn't get many, I was working a station!

The local gas company brings over a big cooker and cooks all our hot dogs for us!!!

This won't surprise any of you! This is how AJ had his face painted! And, YES, I know he needs a hair cut, I haven't had time!!!

Amelia near the bottom of the really tall inflatable slide!

AJ on one of the inflatables. I don't know the name of this one, but you had to go to the back wall and spring out on a tether and try to grab the bean bag on the wall!

Just before the 3 O'clock bell the kids were given Silly String!! Oh what fun was had and what a mess!!

I was at school from 9am til 3pm! I was tired and burnt. I didn't have on enough sunscreen, DANG! Next week we have 1 full day of school and 2 half days then summer break!! I think all of us moms are more ready than the kids!

Happy Summer everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Sally's World said...

wow, that looked like a fun day...and THATS what I call a BBQ!!!

Cheryl said...

That looks like a ton of fun! Our school does a carnival shortly after the first of the school kind of a "get-to-know" ya event...and fundraiser. But we don't have near as much fun as what it looks like your school does...they do a meal (choice of hot dog/chips/drink or chili fritos/chips/drink), then they get one of the bouncy house inflatables, but the rest of the games are pretty preschool-ish (for a K-5th grade school)...things like a bean bag toss, pick-a-duck (a certain color on the bottom of the duck wins a prize), bottle ring toss, ball toss to knock over three bottles, a lollipop tree (if you pick a sucker with a blue end, you get a prize)....and the prizes are CHEAP....a pencil, an eraser, a sticker, plastic rings, etc. I think they need to brainstorm and come up with some new ideas...LOL

Stefunkc said...

Why am I not surprised that AJ chose that face painting?? And now I understand the sunburn much better!