Friday, May 1, 2009

College Bound!

April has been quite a month. Both sons have been accepted to colleges of their choices!

Chris, our oldest has been getting basics out of the way and deciding on fine tuning a major, not to mention saving money!! He has been attending our local Jr. college for several semesters. He applied to Texas Tech University and was accepted. He wants to go into computer engineering or electrical engineering. Chris was accepted to Texas Tech University earlier in April!

Tyler our 2nd son is graduating from HS in 1 month! WOW, can it be??? Tyler has decided that he would like to go into mechanical engineering, I think! He likes ECAD, and he likes GIS. GIS is a neat course he's taking where you learn about GPS technology and how to locate things. The teacher calls it Geo Caching, I don't know that much about it! So, Tyler has applied to OSU-OKC the Jr. college portion of OSU. Both Kevin and I graduated from OSU - Oklahoma ST. not Ohio!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tyler just found out that he has been accepted OSU-OKC.

Stephanie, our niece just arrived from OKC, here is Tyler getting his letter!! He HATES
having his picture taken!

Fortunately we have lots of family members who live in OKC, nieces and nephews, to keep an eye on Tyler while he is there!

So, I think we will be moving him this summer! Oh boy, I might have a guest room again!!!

On the other hand, Kevin is thinking Ka-ching..... Ka-ching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Sally's World said...

congrats to them both, to all of you, its no small achievement, having family close will help...i am totally dreading my babies flying the coop!!!

Silver said...

always a poignant emotion.. happy they're finally made it this far.. but it will soon before our nests will soon be empty...

Congratulations !!

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

well congrats thats awesome. And having family close will be so nice. WHen my oldest first went to college he moved out of state where we didnt know anyone and man was that a hard one...he ended up transferring closer to home so now I have both of my older boys going to school only an hour away from to the west and one to the east. oh and you had asked me a question earlier this week about if Josh uses GPS when doing his land surveying...and yes he does. Sometimes they cant use it and have to do it the old way....anyway again congrats to both of your boys!!! and to you and hubby for doing such a super job!!!