Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Enchanted Enchilada

Believe it or not this was AJ's get up for math!!!!!!! She had the kids bring aprons, wallets, trays, food, and 'order books'. AJ wanted a chef hat! I guess the kids took turns being the waiter and the customer. Then they had to total up the bill and figure out a tip!

Why was it called Enchanted Enchilada? That apparently was the name of the restaurant! No note home to parents, just my son coming home saying, I need, an apron, a chefs hat, play food, a tray, a ticket book, a money holder!!!!!!!! Thank goodness we have a 2 yr old next door who had play food! So, this is what he wore in math class. I never had such fun in 4th grade. My 4th grade teacher was a 1st year teacher and couldn't control the class. We would sit and copy pages from the social studies book!!!!!!!!

Do you have school memories?


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Sally's World said...

its a great idea, kids learn when they are engaged, if teachers make it fun, they'll remeber if, i remember the fun stuff...and it was a long time ago. Aaron's teacher used food alot to encourage him...of course the food often disappeared...but if you ever gave that boy 2 saugages when he'd asked for 5...he'd soon hold his fingers up to ask where the other 3 where!!!!

its all maths....and working out bills at least something they will use in real life...pythagoras's theorum...not so much, but bills...yes!!!