Friday, May 22, 2009


Well, this is where part of my week has been spent! AJ's recognition ceremony was Thursday afternoon. Let me just say, I think this might be a bit overboard. A recognition ceremony every school year! Each child receives a certificate of achievement in some subject. With my older 2 boys by the time they reached middle school, going to recognition was a bore! I had to force Chris to go to graduation from High School!!

Anyway, here is AJ with is award. Achievement in Problem Solving!!! AJ was happy!

AJ with me, the friend taking the picture was sitting down, bad angle I think!

AJ with his homeroom teacher, Ms. Ray.

I have another ceremony next week, Amelia's 5th grade recognition!

Have a great relaxing Weekend!


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Sally's World said...

its not something we do here, having said that he looks very happy, and you look great...great shoes too, have a great weekend xxx