Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Photoshopped Senior Pictures

While Stephanie was in town (I give up on links) we managed to get Senior pictures of my son who hates to have his picture taken! With her talent and knowledge of Photoshop these are some of the pictures we ended up with!

Typical Tyler!

I really liked the ramp up to the train tracks!

We loved this fence out at a western steakhouse.

Love how this photo can be made to look so old fashioned!

Actually, I took this one, but Stephanie had to work a little a magic on it!

You know, it seems like yesterday he was crawling! My how they grow.



Sally's World said...

I have something for you, come get it, i think you'll like it lol! xxx

Cheryl said...

Those are awesome pictures....very professional looking.

Stefunkc said...

Such a good looking guy! Even in his grumpiness the pictures still turned out great! It was fun!