Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lost Crown

I'm in PAIN. Last night, yes Friday, I lost a crown while eating steak!!!! Luckily our neighbors across the street have a dentist in the family and we know him. Dr. Charlie came to the house, and said he would see me in his office this morning to Xray the tooth.

BAD news. When I do something, I do it up right!!! My tooth is fractured - the root is in thirds. This tooth had a root canal 10 years ago, ugh. So, I'm on pain pills, woo hoo, until Wednesday when Dr. Charlie can take the tooth out.

Mom is going to be discharged from the rehab hospital on Wed. and at this point is refusing to go to a skilled nursing facility. Oh boy, can life get any more exciting?

Just hope the 'hole' heals in a week before the 'lovely' 5th grade trip to Carlsbad, NM, for the Caverns, Petroglyphs, dude ranch, and to Roswell for the Alien Museum!!!

On the bright side, I might loose some weight from not being able to eat!!!



vgsmom said...

That's a long way for a bright side. I guess no cupcakes for you.

Sally's World said...

oh no, not toothache....get the listermint, it has a numbing ffect on the exposed nerve...and if that doesn't work cheep brandy...i say cheep because you don't want to waste the good stuff, but it will numb the pain...then spit it out, or you'll be drunk as a skunk in no time...of course, thats another way to ease the pain, and the hangover will take your mind off you tooth!!! lol!