Friday, April 10, 2009


Ok, I'm starting to get a little paranoid about Holidays in this family. You see last Christmas my Husband, Kevin, was in the hospital. He had a heart attack and received 2 stents on Dec. 12. By Dec. 22 they were 85% blocked!!! Back into the hospital we go. He was able to come home Christmas NIGHT! Mind you, he's only 48.

Today, Good Friday, I'm awakened by my sweet mom, 84, saying she couldn't get out of bed. Let me digress a bit - she fell Tuesday night in the garage. Thank heavens for life alert. I met the EMS and firemen at her house (life alert took 20 mins to call me!) She had been down on the floor for some time! Anyway she said she was fine, she didn't want to go to the hospital, and was getting around with her cane pretty well.

Wednesday, Kevin got in town and checked on her. She was sore, but still walking, only used Tylenol for pain! NO!!!! She did not want to go get x-rays or go to the hospital.

So, back to this morning... I get over to her house and she can't get out of bed. I help her up, get her to the walker, let the dog out, and call my husband. Kev should be driving in, he was in the ER all night long. Poor Kevin only had 3 hours of sleep. I want Mom into the doctor, I tell him. 10 minutes later, he says, have her there in 45 mins. Oh boy, I have my work cut out for me. Getting her dressed and out the door in 45 mins will be a challenge.

As I'm heading to my car, I realize, I need the wheelchair. I call my son, Tyler. He brings it to me as I'm getting Mom into the Van. I've had 5 hours of sleep and I'm plumb worn out!!

We arrive at the doctor's office, Kevin arrives too! Upon examination, the Dr. insists on X-rays. I'm coming down with a UTI, so I come home to go to the pharmacy and get medication. Kevin takes Mom for the X-ray.

Low and behold, the L hip is broken!!!! Not your typical fracture, no, this is an impacted hip fracture, the ball was pushed up into the socket. When the surgeon got in there, it was a mess. Kevin got to go in and watch!!! Kevin said the ball looked like a glazed coffee mug with LOTS of cracks in it and it just started crumbling.

My mom has been 'walking' on a broken hip for 3 days!!!! Kevin took her to the hospital, got her checked in and situated. Finally makes it home around 3. The surgeon calls him and says surgery will be in about 3 hours. Well, surgery was at 5:30!

Anyway, Mom came thru surgery great. Now for recovery.

So, here it is Easter weekend and Mom is in the hospital. Now we made it thru Valentines and St. Pats without problem, so my question is, do we only have a problem with "Jesus" Holidays??? Hmmm, I don't know, but I'm going to be very careful come next Christmas!!!!

Happy Easter Everyone!



Sally's World said...

how awful for you, i wish your mum a speedy recovery, but what shines through in this post is that she is surrounded by a caring family, so i have no doubt she knows she is supported, this will make her recover quickly...wishign your whole family a hospital free year...all holidays included !!!

Stefunkc said...

I think it is Jesus holidays. At least your're safe for a while!