Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Yes, it is a word! Do you ever feel picked on? Ever feel like everything you try just falls apart the minute you touch it?

Lately that is the way I have felt with the internet! Yes, my faithful now, 13, followers you can blame my niece,Stefunk, for this blog! Let me back track. She got me into myspace, then that started messing up and giving me fits. So then I started on facebook, well that sight is growing by leaps and bounds. I cant' get apps to work on it, I can't 'IM' easily like I could a few months back, and when I try to load pictures in the evening forget it!!!!! Over the weekend blogger was giving me fits. I couldn't load pictures for my blog! You may have read that yesterday!

There is another site I absolutely love to play on - community - this is a site for moms and dads who love all things DISNEY! Last summer it was easy as do I dare say it? "PIE"!!!! I could get on Disney, post in my groups, upload pictures and have a grand old time. I've made a lot of friends.

I registered with for this blog. My niece says you can find out a lot of cool things. We are on fb, trying to 'im' back and forth so she can teach me how to read the reports. I keep getting the red circle with a line thru it. She of course has never seen such a thing!!!!

KABLOOEY!!!! The servers can't keep up with demand, the sites are slow, you get kicked off! You can't upload a picture! You can't connect to a link!

Is it just me??? AM I jinxed? Am I doomed? Is it my fate, that no matter what I try to get into on the internet and enjoy and make friends through that it is going to go KABLOOEY?????

Please tell me this isn't the case! Yes, I have a life, but I really do like my internet friends! I enjoy reading about them, I enjoy their comments, I enjoy getting to 'know them. Please, internet, don't take this away from me, PLEASE!!!!



vgsmom said...

I know how you feel. Loading photos drives me crazy! Get it up--I love having new blogger friends.

Stefunkc said...

HA!! We wrote about each other! This cracks me up! Let me just say one thing...none of these sites had any problems until you showed up.....something to think about!

Just kidding, I love you and I'm so glad you're so easily 'drug'!!