Thursday, April 16, 2009

Crazed LIfe

Hello Friends, I'm still around, but Mom's emergency surgery last week has taken me away from home. I had a few posts done up ahead of time, but I fear they are probably at an end!

We moved her from the hospital today to a rehab hospital so they can concentrate on P.T. The nice thing is that this new place is smaller, and I was able to get Elke, the dachshund, into see her. I think pet therapy is excellent and seeing her dog did wonders for her spirits.

The Sundowners Syndrome is showing itself, but may not be as bad as a year ago when she had her knee replaced. However, it is scary to see someone you love go all wacky and act totally demented.

Anyway, just wanted to let my faithful followers know, I am here, but I'm not!! I appreciate your e-mails and your prayers.



Sally's World said...

Hi Carrie, great to hear from you, my thoughts are with you and your family xxx

miruspeg said...

Hey Carrie
I have never heard of Sundowners Syndrome.....just looked it up.
Sorry to read that your Mom is not well.
So pleased her dog Elke was able to visit, I totally agree there is nothing better than pet therapy....I'd be lost without my 2 cats even though they drive my crazy waking me up early each morning!

Thanks for visiting my blog and thinking the posts are thought provoking. I guess living on my own gives me plenty of time to do a bit of DEEP THINKING! I am really just a "clown" most of the time except when I write.

Take care